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New publisher, new worlds, new games and new ways of integrating the community!

We have one and only one objective: to live and make live unforgettable moments to a maximum of people.



Our values

The community chooses!

To innovate in the field of board games, Power of Gamers is in permanent contact with its community. It is the community that directs the evolution of the universes by its choices. Whether it is the content of the games, the fate of the world, the future of a faction or the evolution of a character, you could influence the fate of all these subjects!

Power of Gamers is committed!

Even if we can’t be 100% eco-responsible in the miniature games sector, we do everything we can to minimize our impact and to improve things.Between future projects, eco-responsible approach at all levels and funding of associations with commitments such as the 1% for the planet, we dream of revolutionizing things and we start with ourselves.


A world built to last

Atoriums is a persistent medieval fantasy world with a large amount of mystery where movement is an important part of the game. As long as you move, you are alive. Designed to be scalable, rich, and full of possibilities, it features complex kingdoms, races, factions, and characters.

Our story Our team

A young company of ambitious enthusiasts, surrounded by the best to combine rigor and creativity.

Power of Gamers launches Altenor Secrets, in its first universe, the world of Atoriums.  

This French company was born from the desire to share exceptional moments with friends and family around board games. The goal of Power of Gamers is to develop fantastic and evolving universes that will host innovative games. Like a series, you will be able to follow the evolution of the stories and characters from one game episode to the next.


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