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New games and new worlds!

As authors and game designers, we have only one objective: to live and make live unforgettable moments to a maximum of people.


Our values

With the community!

We want to be in constant contact with the gaming communities. They are the ones who guide the universes and our games through choices and opinions on prototypes. Whether it is the content of the games, the fate of a world, the future of a faction or the evolution of a character, you could influence the fate of all these subjects!

Creative and material innovation!

Although it is sometimes perplexing, we always offer 1-2 innovative concepts per game. We drop all games that are not new enough for us.

Sharp games designed to last!

All our games are designed with the idea of exploring one or more game elements (thinking or dice for example). This is done in order to offer a unique and total gaming experience. We pay attention to the details and think a lot about the depth and replayability of a concept. We want to be able to replay our games with the same amount of pleasure.

Power of Gamers is careful.

Whether it’s on the environmental or social aspects, we do our best at our humble level to be eco-responsible and promote good values.

A world built to last

Atoriums is the first universe we are creating. Some of our games will take place there.

It’s a medieval fantasy world with a lot of mystery and a lot of movement. As long as you move, you are alive. Designed to be scalable, rich, and full of possibilities, there are complex kingdoms, races, factions, and characters.

Our story Our team

We are a studio of authors who are passionate about games. We create games and look for publishers to bring them to life.

Our first game was Altenor Secrets, in the world of Atoriums, the first world we created. Other games followed, sometimes within the context of Atoriums, sometimes outside. 

This French company was born from the pleasure of sharing exceptional moments with friends and family.


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