One world, three moons

And many kingdoms, including the thousand-year-old city of Altenor, built on the Endless Tower.

Movement at the heart of everything

Movement, always synonymous with life and sometimes death, is at the heart of the intrigues of this world.

Many intelligent species to discover

Humans, Cohors, Alacars, Sticis and others live on the world of Atoriums.

Discover the factions, their histories, their goals, and learn about the colorful characters who sometimes play the game for their factions and sometimes fight for themselves.

Artifacts in perpetual motion called atoriums

Here, magic is synonymous with perpetual movement. Is it the magic that generates the movement? Is it the movement that generates the magic? Impossible to say!

In any case, these magical objects are the source of all covetousness, all passions and all fears.

What are these atoriums? Simple relics of a more glorious past? Divinities? Sources of power and wealth?

When an atorium stops, everything it has created returns to nothingness… This is… always disastrous.

Nicodius, at that time talking with a now deceased fighter

Games and Miniatures

Each game mechanic is the master piece of a gaming context.

And each game is the opportunity to discover something new about the world of Atoriums.

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