Reboot, Standees, New Offer and Newsletter !

Thank you all!

Thank you for supporting us. Even if this first campaign is a failure, we have learned a lot, thanks to you.

And it’s not over!

We need your help. Thanks to your feedback we will launch a reboot soon, in November. We have been working on your feedback to develop a simpler and more complete offer.

In addition to including a 3D under board as previously mentioned, we will propose an opening offer at 55 euros with all teams and 2 game modes from 2 to 4 players.

To be able to offer you this price, the basic box will contain the rules for 6 teams and the miniatures will be replaced by standees!

The miniatures will still be available in a premium offer that will accompany the basic box, which we are still working on.

To continue to support us, you can subscribe to our newsletter. It will allow us to keep you informed of this adventure and especially to help us to improve, again.

Thanks again to all of you for your comments, Altenor Secrets will be back!

The Power of Gamers team.

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