“A problem? Nothing that can’t be solved with the right ingredients, the right preparation and the right amount of alters to pay for it…”


This discreet yet feared organization is a guild of artisans and traders. These members are, if need be, capable of poisoning or healing you, but their main skill is the ability to influence the lifespan and power of atoriums. Thanks to this, their expensive services have always been prized by the nobles.

For decades they have been increasingly active in Altenor. Their novices are gathering materials in large quantities throughout the realm, and alchemists are leading many expeditions into the interior of the atori structures.

Would they be looking for a way to influence the Endless Tower of Altenor?


Alchemists are experts in potions and other reagents that can affect Atoriums. They can potentiate the artifacts they retrieve.

The artifact thus modified is worth more points until the end of the game. So it’s a double-edged sword if the alchemist loses his artifacts afterwards.

As a result of being robbed, alchemists have developed systems of chains, padlocks, and other tricks to protect their precious artifacts.

This is a treasure-based style of play that can be powerful but is also easy for the opponent to anticipate. Will you use your strengths to the fullest or bluff and target other objectives?

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