Atori Scholars

“What would Altenor be without our knowledge? A shadow of its potential self, I’m afraid.”


Attentive observers and tireless explorers of the Tower, the Atori Scholars have been studying and recording the movements of the giant atorium of Altenor for centuries. They have an advanced knowledge of its workings. They can even anticipate and trigger some of its movements.

Their predictions and studies range from the most trivial matters to the most important to the Altois: which ring will turn in the next hour? When will the city gates be aligned? When will the next Great Breath be? And above all, will the Atorium ever end?

In fact, everyone in Altenor consults this influential order.


In the tower and in the field, scholars put their knowledge to work.

All members of this guild can read and activate the Atorium’s power network. Thus, they can all attempt to use the rotation cards in your discard pile.

There are some restrictions, but you can consider that scholars have twice as many opportunities as other guilds to manipulate the board.

By itself, this doesn’t give you any points, but used properly, this ability can make you a true clockwork of the Atorium and become a thorn in your opponent’s side.

Jouer avec les savants, c’est jouerPlaying with the scholars means playing with your dial card discard and controlling the board!

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