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“Me and my boys are the best fighters in Altenor. At your service!”


When you don’t want to or can’t use the guard or the militia, these heavy hitters are an effective and violent alternative.

Legend has it that these mercenary groups were born in the back room of a low-ceilinged tavern in the slums of Altenor. The story goes that penniless brawlers who found themselves there for the adrenaline rush of battle were eventually hired to molest debtors.

Since then, the water has flowed and this organization has grown. The whole paradox of the Cerbions is that they are an impressive but latent and disorganized fighting force.

Good for them, because they are one of the few fighting organizations that are tolerated in such large numbers within Altenor.  Its members are so much a part of the city’s landscape and customs that many underestimate the role this guild could play in the event of a large-scale armed conflict in Altenor…


The cerbions hit hard and don’t hesitate to charge into battle. Your guys are a challenge for all opponents.

This is the faction that is able to mount a strategy that is totally focused on fighting and beating the opponent to a pulp. You can play on that or keep your advantages to strike at the right time.

Don’t be fooled, this gameplay requires skill because attacking also means putting yourself in danger. If you’re not careful, you could be the one who gets hurt.

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