“We have everything you want, but everything has a price, my friend.”


The Dockers are the most influential mafia organization in the port. Both a seafarers’ union officially recognized by the dynasties and a smuggling and extortion organization, the Dockers are versatile. Their territory essentially extends from the warehouses to the docks of the first ring of Altenor, on the sea side.  

Anyone who wants to sell bread on the docks, or charter a crew, had better start talking to the Dockers before meeting with the Harbour Master. By talking to the Dockers, you secure your business and you can get just about anything illegal. In fact, even legal stuff with reduced taxes! 

The Dockers under Linbay are unpredictable and all-consuming in their ambition. This brand-new boss sticis involves her teams in matters and territories that the old smugglers preferred to avoid until now. In fact, the Dockers are swimming in increasingly murky waters and attracting the attention of bigger and bigger predators… Their style of play means that they consider the submerged rooms as defensive grounds. 


This faction can use submerged rooms as normal rooms: so you should reconsider these usually avoided areas as the place you want to be.

The submerged rooms become at least refuge areas from attacks and sometimes even speed bumps to lose your pursuers.

The docker gameplay is in fact one of the most defensive in the game.

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