“Don’t look for us, we’ll find you.”


The Houdinis are talented burglars and esteemed messengers. Known for their code of honor and for always delivering their packages. In fact, there are three advantages to paying (dearly) a Houdini to deliver a confidential missive:  

  • The first is the quality of the courier. Each Houdini has demonstrated exceptional physical and intellectual abilities.     
  • The second is the code of honor of these messengers. The guild hunts down all those who betray it. 
  • The third, not the least, is that it is having one less Houdini to spy on you!    

However, something will soon put this organization to the test, as never before. One might even wonder if the organization and the code will survive it.

Their play style focuses on speed and the use of trap zones. 


Houdinis handle trap areas like no other. This gives them control capabilities that other factions do not have.

With this, you can rush, avoid wounds and even chase your opponents where others would not dare.

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