“Another man’s treasure is also ours.”


The Pickpockets are a group of thieving “families” in competition with each other. Shameless adults who enlist, abuse, and exploit the orphans and dropouts of Altenor for the sole purpose of raiding and stealing everything that is salvageable.  

It is a pyramid system based on the exploitation of each level by the level above. Who are the masters at the top? Nobody knows, they remain unknown. But the mass of wealth and information collected must make them powerful people.  

If you are a living pickpocket, you are fast, sharp, and resourceful. The hardships have made you a pro at survival and sharpened your instincts. With skill and a bit of luck you could try to climb the pyramid to sit at the top or collapse the system, it’s up to you… 

Their play style focuses on stealing the treasures acquired by others and dodging retaliation. 


Pickpockets are the faction of ambushes. Your characters are better at stealing and know how to stay safe.

It’s a gameplay of aggression but not aggression. Pickpockets allow you to target atorium bearers and avoid combat.


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