Altenor Kingdom

Resplendent and cosmopolitan, the kingdom is like the city of the same name.

Altenor attracts all species, all classes, all lusts and devotions.

Don’t be fooled by the beauty of its territories, life is hard and there is much more under the surface than you might think…

Altenor the mysterious, Altenor the fabulous, Altenor the dangerous… This city of a thousand faces welcomes you with open arms and often doesn’t let you leave.

Altenor is as vast as its Atorium is, it is as diverse as the motley crowd that makes up its people.

You’ll find all races and factions here. Relatively open to the outside world it is the place to trade and the meeting place for the peoples of the Black Mountains, Frostbones, Firemounts and Seasorre.

This city is visible from a great distance:

  • In good weather, it is a white line splitting the sky in half
  • In bad weather, it is the center of a more or less violent and windy storm vortex

This white line is nothing more than the tallest and seemingly infinite tower in the kingdom-class atorium on which it is built…

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