“You don’t know the power of the Atoriums.”


This religious organization asserts the superiority and sacredness of the atoriums over all other creation. Their membership merges with as many atoriums as possible to embody the Dance of Worlds. They believe that Altenor’s Atorium is a supreme divine incarnation on the planet, a living being. 

The extremist sect is disciplined and powerful. It used to cause such a threat to the dynasties, that it was almost exterminated. More than 500 years later, the sect has recovered. The current princess considers Telekineticists as moderate and socially integrated.  

Other leaders do not believe in such changes and are much more suspicious. Nevertheless, three Telekineticists’ temples run arena teams and undertake expeditions into the inner structures. By desecrating the Infinite Tower in such a manner, they have obviously broken with the original credence. The sceptics become lost in conjecture: is it about distraction? or greed? Yet all are aware of the rumours of dark practices amongst the sect.  

As a young disciple, you shall climb and penetrate the circles of power of your temple to gain more knowledge. Each circle is a trial, but it is also a doorway to Atori wisdom and to the truth underlying the Telekineticists’ practices. 

Telekineticists have control over substances and sometimes hold a variety of other skills. Their gameplay consists of moving opposing characters remotely at the right moment.   


This faction has 2 characteristics: it acts at a distance, including through obstacles, and it acts on the characters of other players.

Thanks to this it acquires a definite advantage in protecting objectives and controlling the game.

But this power is difficult to use, so it should be used sparingly, otherwise you will lose valuable actions.

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