Altenor Secrets the game of minds and rotations

Enter the ever-moving tower of Altenor!

For 2 to 4 players who wants to clash!

Have fun with rotating rings and compete!

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A unique gameplay with a rotating board

The board is unique : it is a 19″ circular section of a tower. Each ring rotates. It is a moving puzzle that you enjoy and have to master.

  • A specifically designed 3D underboard, 5 independant rings, each one composed of 8 rooms.
  • Use precious cards to move the rings at your will.
  • Reach the nexus, in the center, to reload this ability!
  • Hold strategic positions in each rings, smart positioning of your team is required to win.
  • Take advantage on or avoid specific rooms and walls!

The board is both players’ ally and players’ nightmare: “It’s really fun to find the best way to achieve my targets while blocking my opponents.

How to win ?

After 4 turns, the side who scored the largest number of points wins. Multiple objectives, different strategy, quick alternated activations make this game dynamic and brainy! Players must understand their opponent targets while staying focus on their own objectives. Be clever when taking everything into account and try gaining a tactical advantage towards victory.

Scoring requires:

  • Greed to collect & protect magical artifacts called atoriums, they wait in the center.
  • Boldness to hold objective rooms in the middle of the board.
  • Guile to control the opponent headquarter in the outer ring.
  • Strength to knock-out the most fearsome opponent fighter.
  • Bluff gain bonus points thanks to your hidden bet.

At the end, every choice you made matters and can change the fate of the game. May the most astute player win!

Additional key features

Designed for 2 to 4 players, Altenor Secrets is a mix of strategy, bluffing and anticipation. It is a game of moves and choices.

Easy to learn but very rich and complex to master:

  • A beginner mode with symmetrical teams
  • An expert mode with 6 guilds to add a layer of specialized play (control, rush, aggression,…)
  • An alliance mode to see up to 4 guilds on the table!

What in the box ?


Each game is unique in the number of settings, teams, and strategy you choose to apply at the time. In addition, the more you confront the same opponent, the deeper the game of bluffing and the more the duel of wits deepens.

  • A team of 6 characters, each with unique skills.
  • A hidden bet to bluff and add value to your strategy.
  • A score sheet to follow everything in real time and adapt your
  • actions.
  • 2 ways to fight: dice (for fun) or cards (for more bluffing and strategy).

This perfectly balanced system includes a small amount of chance in the overall outcome of the game, which increases the fun. However, you can choose to reduce these odds if you want to avoid it.

  • Over 20 unique capabilities to secure and reinvent your strategy.

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