Altenor Secrets the game of minds and rotations

Enter the ever-shifting Tower of Altenor, where 2 to 4 players clash for loot and glory!

Get the unique feeling of pursuing goals on a rotating board. Solo or in pairs, defeat your opponents with this replayable and dynamic game!

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A unique gameplay with an ever-changing board

Altenor Secrets’ unique 19” game board contains five rings that represent a circular section of the mysterious Tower of Altenor. Each ring rotates, making the board a constantly shifting puzzle.

  • The innovative 3D board uses five independent rings, each composed of eight rooms.
  • Players use cards to move the rings in specific ways, both to help themselves and hurt their opponents.
  • Only in the nexus at the center can players replenish these cards, making clever use of them critical!
  • Hold strategic positions on each ring! Rooms have specific effects, and smart positioning of your team is required to win.

As a play-tester noted, “It’s really fun to find the best way to achieve my targets while blocking my opponents.“

How to win

Multiple objectives, different strategies, and fast-paced alternating activations make this game dynamic and cerebral!

Players have several ways to score points each turn. After four turns, the side with the most points wins. Scoring requires

  • Greed to collect and protect magical artifacts, called atoriums, that wait in the center.
  • Boldness to hold objective rooms in the middle of the board.
  • Cunning to control your opponent’s headquarters in the outer ring.
  • Strength to take out your opponent’s most fearsome fighter.
  • Guile to gain bonus points thanks to your hidden bet.

Players need to understand their opponent’s goals while staying focused on their own objectives. They must be clever and take everything into account when trying to gain a tactical advantage.

Easy to learn, rich and replayable

Designed for 2 to 4 players, Altenor Secrets mixes strategy, deception, and anticipation in a game of clever movements and consequential choices.

  • An introduction scenario.
  • A beginner mode with identical teams (10+).
  • An expert mode (14+) that introduces layers of specialized strategy (such as control, rush, aggression, etc.) and bluff.
  • An alliance mode to play by team: 2 on the same side!

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The sheer number of possible parameters, teams, and strategies make each game a unique experience. In fact, confronting the same opponent more often actually deepens the bluffing and mind games.

  • Six teams of six characters, each with unique skills.
  • Many free actions that put movement at the very heart of the game.
  • Four hidden bets to earn bonus points — unless your opponent can thwart it.
  • A scoring sheet to keep track of everything in real time, allowing you to adapt as the game changes.
  • Two combat methods: dice (for pure random fun) or cards (for yet more bluffing and strategy).

The carefully balanced system includes a small element of chance in the game overall to increase the fun. However, players have many options and choices available to stack the odds and reduce randomness if they want to avoid it.

  • Over 16 abilities to support your play style or provide strategic flexibility.

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