Dance of the WorldsChapter 1:5


Extract of a religious work related to the cult of the Movement and Atoriums

His author is unknown, the complete work relates in several volumes a divine vision of the movement. The passage 1:5 quickly became enormously popular with the living near atoriums and was taken up by many counters.

It has passed into common captions. For some, it’s a call, for others, a warning.

Author IRL

Cédric Neumann

Dance of the worlds, chapter 1:5

In the beginning was the void, inert, motionless, dead.

Then appeared the atoriums and their mysteries, countless and magnificent, they took root and initiated the dance.
The elements began to move: flows, clouds and life appeared.
Their impulses created aether, wind, currents, water, magic and blood.

The crystallization began in the midst of the eternal ballets: clouds, rocks and principles gathered around the atoriums.
Spirits were the last to arrive, they joined the primordial dance.
Then they lost the rythm, they created nations, wars and related their myths, their legends.

Whatever you are looking for in this world, atoriums can provides if you are synchronizing.
Never forget, however, that when an atorium stops dancing, everything it has created returns to its primordial state.

The void, inert, motionless, dead.

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